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I want to introduce you my LGBT Thriller / Television & Movies / Lesbian Forum

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#1 Feb 19, 2021 15:33:18


I want to introduce you my LGBT Thriller

Hi everybody!
I want to present you my book "Nine's Bid", a lesbian romantic thriller that I hope will enjoy you. I started this project a year ago with the goal of normalizing lesbian relationships - characters in contemporary entertaining literature. Starting from a good story, the presence of our homosexual characters must be increased. It's great having good stories but it's greater having good stories talking about our feelings.

I published the novel in Spanish and it overcome all my expectations thanks to the people who read it, gave me their feedback, and encouraged me to continue with the next chapter of the series.

I am looking for funding to be able to translate it into English and be able to reach a bigger audience and I wanted to ask for your help.
I am sure you will not be disappointed!
I leave you a link to my crowdfunding campaign in case it may interest you: … /nines-bid

Thank you very much in advance!!

Para las hispano hablantes os dejo el link de venta en amazon es Español:

I also leave you the address of my website for any doubt, question, suggestion or anything you want to talk about:

Thanks for your support!


#2 Mar 30, 2021 23:18:06


Re: I want to introduce you my LGBT Thriller



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